Top Recording Studios in New York City

Top Recording Studios in New York City

New York City has been home to some of the greatest musicians of all time, and so it stands to reason that the city has a wealth of recording studios ready to support these artists. Whether you need a large space to perform with your band, or a small soundproof booth to record the perfect vocal track, New York City has a recording studio for you. Here are some of the top studios in NYC listed on Cinespot.



1. Buttons NY Sound and Color

recording studio in new york city for music and podcasts

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From the event venue: “Audio Post and Color Grade Finishing House.”

2. Recording Studio In Manhattan

new york recording studio with wood panels retro

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From the event venue: “Recording Studio and MusicNetwork HQ”

3. Chelsea Recording Studio

recording studio in nyc for artists and bands

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From the event venue: “Full recording studio in the Heart of Chelsea in Manhattan”

4. The Smooth Spot Recording Studio

manhattan recording studio for rappers and singers and other musicians

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From the¬†event venue: “Upscale Home Recording Studio in Midtown Manhattan”



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