Make Extra Money Renting Out Your Space

Make Extra Money Renting Out Your Space

If you’re hearing stories about people who have started making a substantial side income simply be renting out their unused spaces, you may have decided not to believe the hype… but it’s true. Maybe you’re not even comfortable renting out your space for accommodation ala Airbnb, but what about renting it out for just a few hours for a much higher hourly rate? Enter Cinespot and the hourly location rental industry – where homeowners, renters, and business owners are renting out their spaces for just a few hours in exchange for rates that often exceed $200/hour. Plus, you don’t have to worry about others spending extensive time in your living quarters, providing all accommodation essentials, or any of the other headaches that come with overnight rentals. In the hourly rental world, you simply rent out your space for a few hours – usually to a producer or photographer – who will use the space professionally and then be out in a flash. You can add your space for free now if interested. Here are a few different examples of spaces on Cinespot being rented out for production and event purposes on an hourly basis.

1. Houses and Apartments

chicago townhouse on cinespot

If you have an apartment that might serve as a good backdrop for a photoshoot, movie scene, or event space, you can find an audience of interested buyers by listing your space on Cinespot. Before approving any requests, you’ll be able to talk to the prospective booker and determine exactly what they plan on using the space for. Once you are happy with the plan, approve the request and get paid! We have spaces ranging from simple kitchens to huge mansion pool areas being booked. Maybe you have exactly what people are looking for – it’s always free to list.

2. Office Spaces

cinespot office space rental

Office spaces are commonly rented properties for their variety of functions. Spaces like this can be used for photography, filming a movie scene, production meetings, small events, and much more – all rented through Cinespot. So if you have some extra space that could work as an office, list it on Cinespot and see what happens. You can turn down any production requests, and chat with the booker before you approve, and it’s always free to list your space.

3. Bars, Restaurants, Storefronts

chicago bar restaurant business cinespot listing a space

Cinespot is home to many listings for bars, restaurants, and other businesses who list their space for the occasional booking and side income. For these spaces, their main business isn’t affected, as they can decline any requests during their open hours, but it leaves the door open to start conversations with event planners and producers who might want to rent it on a slow day or night for well above what they would make off typical business. List your space now and see how it goes!

4. Outdoor Spaces

polo club listing cinespot outdoor space

If you have a large outdoor space – especially outside a large metropolitan area – Cinespot is a great place to list. Many event planners look to the city suburbs and surrounding towns when putting together events or large outdoor productions. Spaces like this simply do not exist within the city, so your outdoor area could quickly develop a reputation and become a hot commodity for bookings.

In addition to residential spaces, office space, businesses, and outdoor areas, Cinespot lists a wide variety of unique space types – some of which do incredibly well with bookings. But the only way to find out if you’re sitting on a potential gold mine, is to list your space, post to your social media channels to get the word out, and see what happens!




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