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Satellite Space: Two- Stage Creative Studio w/In-House Photo Equipment Event Venue, Photography Studio, Production Studio, Video Studio $300/hr

Satellite Space is located in Manhattan, New York. Employs a reusable two-stage creative studio designed to host photo shoots, video shoots and beyond. It has been manufactured to facilitate all needs of crew and cargo.  The facilities are equipped with 220 amps of power per studio, with bespoke curtains that create that dark-side of the moon experience where state of the art photographic technology can reach new heights of creativity and artistry.  The studio’s mission: authorize the wizardry of the world’s finest creators and help actualize their vision so that it may be amplified for all of humanity [in the digital age]. South Space: Comprises four walls, one ceiling, and original hardwood flooring dating back to the building’s inception in 1910. A 22-foot shooting wall, fashioned out of drywall, reaches a limit of 14 feet high. Direct solar rays enter the south-facing windows creating a luminous beam of vitamin D bathing the room in sunlight until approximately 1500h depending on the relation to the earth’s axis tilt on it’s revolution around the sun. South Space features: 1600 sq ft, 16 foot ceiling height, 22′ x 14′ shooing wall, 200 AMP power circuit, south-facing direct light, 100% blackout capable, private multi-purpose client / styling area, hair & makeup station, two rolling racks, hangers , steamer. North Space: Is an intimate pod of Satellite Space for artists whose creativity thrives in more clandestine environments. Creativity knows no bounds but at Satellite we know privacy is essential to carry out the most visionary processes. Complete with private multi-use styling room, Its east-facing windows offer a perfect vision of Manhattan neighborliness which includes but is not limited to a fire-escape and red-brick wall. North Space features: 1000 sq ft, 16 foot ceiling height. 200 AMP power circuit, east-facing ambient light, 100% blackout capable, private multi-purpose client / styling area, hair & Makeup station, two rolling racks, hangers & steamer.  North & South Space combined rent for $1,950. South Space rents for $1,200. North Space rents for $1,000. All rates are based on a 10 hour day from 8am-6pm. Rates increase 25% over the weekend.



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