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Haptix Studio – Motion Capture & Multimedia Studio Rental – Video Production Production Studio, Recording Studio $250/hr

ABOUT HAPTIX Haptix Studio is a motion capture and media production facility in Lansing, Michigan. Haptix Studio has the largest publicly accessible motion capture space in Michigan with an 1,800-square-foot capture area and 56 OptiTrack cameras. Through the use of 40 “Prime 22” cameras to capture the movement of up to 8 to 10 bodies at the same time, 12 “Prime 13” cameras for exceptional face capture, and 4 “Prime Color” cameras to overlay precision 3D motion on top of their video image for data verification and CG reference, this motion capture system is the solution for virtual production, movement sciences, virtual reality, and more. All movement data is captured and manipulated using OptiTrack Motive software for data clean-up and can be streamed directly into AutoDesk MotionBuilder or Unreal Engine for live playback or retargeting to character models. The system features VR compatibility with HTC Vive headsets and controllers, allowing development of large-scale VR immersive environments and programs. Using our motion tracking marker sets or activebody marker ‘pucks’, we can attach these markers to VR users which allows more immersion by showing the movement of their arms and legs, as well as allowing for virtual/real object placement in scenes. Haptix Studio also has biomechanical analysis software developed by STT Systems for use with sports science and kinematics. In addition to the motion capture system, Haptix Studio includes an audio recording studio and a video production area, as well as a large ‘infinity wall’ (similar to a green screen wall) for studio photo and video shoots. Our audio recording studio features 4 Shure SM7B microphones, a mixing station, and comprehensive foam sound cancellation. Our large infinity wall allows for excellent photography and video production, and we also have a portable greenscreen for masked shots. Located at Door 35 on South side of building



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