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Barco Rebar Rehearsal Space Production Studio, Recording Studio $30/hr

We are a full service rehearsal studio. We supply the backline of the best gear for sound starting with the Drums. We use top of the line Yamaha sets. The Recording Custom, the most heard drum set ever. We have 3 of those sets and a Yamaha Absolute Birch Custom….the replacement for the Recording Custom, and we have an Absolute Maple Custom. All our set’s use DW Hardware. Guitar we use the Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 100 watt. Our’s have been switched back tot he correct British Tube. Great clean and dirty sound. Modded to sound really good. Through a Marshall 4×12 cab of course. Other Guitar amp in each room is a Mesa Boogie .50 caliber. It is a 60 watt ^L^ tube amp sounding much like a Mark II but scaled back with all the push pull’s. Run through a Marshall 4×12 cab. It is a great amp for those with pedal boards. And of course the Industry Standard for bass in all our rooms. The Ampeg SVT with the 8×10 cab. Rooms have special designed wall with insulation on top of them to eat up all the over tones and make the rooms sound fantastic. We also have 3 SM-58 mic’s for vocals on Atlas stand with K&M Boom arms. The best. We use colored mic Cables so you know what channel you are in with out having to race you cable mixed in with the others. We have 3 big 15″ w/ horn floor monitors up front and a smaller EV 12″ w/ horn for the drummer. 1200 watts to the monitors. It was Loud enough for Motorhead to hear their vocal. Foo Fighters are maybe our biggest client, as they wrote Everlong here and wrote their first Grammy for Album of the year. But we like all bands from the band practicing for the first time to cover bands. Our place has a great Vibe and we want you to have a good time rehearsing and not having to drag all your gear here. We have tried to make a place where it is easy to get in and be set up in 5 minutes. We have a fridge in the corner of each room and you can keep your beverage of choice there nice and cold while practicing.



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