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Cinespot is a place to book space for your next video production, photo shoot, event, recording session, and more. Browse a diverse variety of spaces, book your ideal location, and bring your project to life.

NEW All bookings now have no fees. All financial transactions are handled between the host and guest externally. Feel free to share external contact information in your listing descriptions and messages.


Payment should be handled externally between host and guest

Listing a space on Cinespot will always be free, and you can list as many spaces as you’d like.

When a request for a space is made, the owner is under no obligation to accept the request from the guest. We recommend chatting with the guest via the Messages tab in your Dashboard before approving the request.

Are you listing your studio, home, apartment, business or other property for the first time? It’s actually pretty easy. Just create an account and add your first listing. You can then accept or decline requests to film at your property.

Cancellation is handled between host and guest.

You are welcome to use your real business name, or any name for your listing.