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Cinespot is a location rental marketplace for productions and events. Browse spaces, make booking requests, message the space owner, and make secure payment.

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Listing a space on Cinespot will always be free, and you can list as many spaces as you’d like.

  • We partner with Stripe and PayPal to process payments
  • Payments for bookings are made by card (Stripe) or PayPal
  • Payouts to owners are made by PayPal via your account email set in your My Profile page of your Dashboard 
  • There is one 15% fee applied before payout
  • No additional fees or costs

When a request for a space is made, the owner is under no obligation to accept the request from the guest. We recommend chatting with the guest via the Messages tab in your Dashboard before approving the request and accepting payment.

Are you listing your studio, home, apartment, business or other property for the first time? It’s actually pretty easy. Just create an account and add your first listing. You can then accept or decline requests to film at your property.

Both guest and host should come to an agreement before cancelling an approved and paid booking. Use the Messages tab to work out alternative arrangements. An alternative date should be mutually selected for the project to proceed. If both parties agree to cancel permanently, funds will be returned to the guest.

We request all renters and locations ensure their production or event complies with any necessary permits, as stated in the location agreement.

All bookings are covered by our location agreement.

All productions are expected to follow our safety protocols adopted from the Chicago Film Office.

Bookings on Cinespot are covered by our location agreement between the location owner and renter

You are welcome to use your real business name, or any name for your listing. Generic names like “Video Studio in Wisconsin” usually get the most traffic, and are found in more Google searches.

MISSION: Allow users to book spaces seamlessly.

VISION: The premier location rental service for the production industry.

VALUES: Be kind and respectful in all interactions on Cinespot.


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